Wednesday, September 5, 2007

HTC 7501 Using the Camera

September 5, 2007

Here is part of a question I received yesterday:

"I like the text and the movies.couple of questions--- my exterior camera button won't start my camera. Must go to start menu and proceed from there..."

I must admit I haven't previously successfully used the camera on the HTC 7501, so I decided to do what everyone hates: RTFMS. I went back to the manual. The camera takes a little bit of learning, but once you're comfortable with it, I believe it is a very useful tool.

I've prepared a video tutorial on the camera which is split in two parts because of the time limitation on YouTube:

Part One:

Part Two:

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1 comment:

Lorie said...

Hi George
I'm the person that asked about sim card contacts and a problem with my camera button.
You are such a generous person!
I have been away on business. What a pleasure to come home, open your blog and there were the answers to my questions.
I tried your suggestion with the camera button. I was holding the button all the way in before and waiting for something to happen. I think that you have to push half way, feel the click and then push the rest of the way. At least, now I know it's not broken. Thank you.
I watched the video on the sims manager, but need to watch again. I'm not familiar with the desk top program you are using, but it looks a lot better than the one my pda came with.
Again, thank you
I always read my manuals, but sometimes they are not explicit enough -- tell you to make choices, but don't guide you on what those choices will do.
A real person, using the product is always better than the abstract thinking of some boy genus.
Keep up the great work
I look forward to the next episode on our journey