Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sim Card Contacts

Today, I received the following comment:

"What a great blog!I just bought my 7501 on 8-31. Got the "beta version"and downloaded the new Rom. I have replaced a phone, pda, camera and Ipod. My purse is feeling pretty light right now.I like the text and the movies.couple of questions--- my exterior camera button won't start my camera. Must go to start menu and proceed from there. Also, do you know a way to separate my sim card contacts from my outlook contacts. I don't want them to come up together. I have several hundred contacts in Outlook and don't want to scroll down thru all of them to find my brother's phone #.Am loving my new toy. Just need to get used to it. Already used some of your tips. Keep up the good work"

I spent a little time and researched Sim Card Contacts. Below is a small YouTube video on how to make calls using contacts on SIM card. I have a very nifty phone management program, and I'll do a video on that soon.

I must admit, I'll have to research the camera question.

The direct link is:

If you have questions about the 7501, please send them to me at drakeseu@gmail.com and I'll do my best to answer them.

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