Friday, August 24, 2007

Second Hard Reset

05:30 Friday, August 24, 2007
Yesterday, I did a hard reset on the HTC 7501.
When the phone first arrived pre release software was installed. After consulting the HTC website, HTC service, and receiving an email from recommending the reinstall, I did it.
With this reinstall, Opera did not install. I just changed IE to the default browser. There was no TelNet GPS software, and I couldn't set up a hotmail email account.
On the 21st I installed a Newsreader program from an extremely trusted source. It wouldn't download it's catalog, and my internet connection stopped working. I installed the software, and deleted the internet connection and set it up again. The Internet worked for awhile, and then stopped working. Redid the connection again. It would work for awhile, and then stop working. When I did a backup, I noticed the backup was saving some files from the uninstalled reader program.
That did it. Time for a hard reset. My only question: Would the pre-release software come back? I thought, If so, I'll just reinstall the updated OS from HTC again. Fortunately, the pre-release software didn't come back.
I spent all day yesterday reinstalling and tweaking the HTC 7501. For some reason, it seem to be working smooth as silk now. There were a few glitches with the first re-install.
I've been busy working all week. Hopefully, on Saturday and Sunday, I'll have time to prepare some mover YouTube videos on this remarkable phone

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