Thursday, August 9, 2007

HTC 7501 August 9, 2007

It's taking me awhile to learn the 7501 and each day I love the phone more. It took me quite awhile to learn the QTEK 9000. I try to avoid the advice RTFMS. Every now and them, I'm digging through the manual.

I now almost trut the 7501 enough to use it as my sole mobile, and retire the HTC S-710 for emergencies. So far the phone has performed perfectly with the Samsung Bluetooth 2.0 headset. Yesterday, I was working on a photo location, and I realized I'd lost he tiny headset. Frantically, I looked around, then, embarrassed, I asked some other crew members if they'd seen where I put it. "In your ear, stupid." Yes, I was wearing it, and couldn't feel it. I don't really trust the headset to stay put in my ear, and try to keep it in a case. Time will tell.

I've run into a problem with the 7501 that I experienced frequently with the Qtek 9000, or HTC Universal: If I am opening a program, and a notification comes in at the same time, such as incoming call, new sms message, or email notification, the phone will freeze. I then have to soft reset it using the tiny reset hole on the back. That's very annoying and it happens more often than you'd think. I believe this is a MS issue, and I hope they will address it in a newer version of WM 6.0.

I recently installed PhatNotes 4.7 Professional Edition trial version. It is a very powerful notes program, with a desktop version included. Your notes are synchronized to your desktop. You also attach files and images to notes. Today, I cam across a 'Back to School' sale, with a price of $23.97 instead of the full boat of $39.95. I quickly bought a registration. The link for the sale is:

It will take awhile for me to master PhatNotes, but already it has been very helpful in my work. I just have to go in an unscrew some of the mistakes I made when starting out.

That's it for today. We'll see what new adventures I have with the 7501, which went on sale in the USA officially as of yesterday.

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