Tuesday, August 7, 2007

HTC 7501

07 08 07

As each day passes, I learn more about my HTC 7501 & the more I love it.

First I bought a Samsung Bluetooth Mono Headset WEP200. I did a search on Amazon.com for bluetooth 2.0 headsets. This was the only one I found. I got it overnighted to a friend who came to Prague the next day. Two days ago I paired it with the 7501. For some reason my wired headset quit working. The WEP200 has worked flawlessly. First of all, the sound quality is fantastic. All of the other bluetooth headsets I've tried are version 1.2 and have a scratchy sound. The WEP200 has a sound like you're holding a very good mobile phone directly to your ear.

The second nice surprise, is it works with the 7501 even in sleep mode. If a call comes in while I am walking the dogs, I pull out the WEP200 from it's little pouch, press the button and answer it. When I'm through, press the button again and disconnect. Even better, voice dialing has NEVER failed. I can click the button, wait for the appropriate sounds, say the name of the person whom I want to call, and the 7501 places the call.

I've also discovered that I can turn the 7501 off with the power switch on the right hand side, and it will come to life when a call comes in, and I can answer it with the WEP200 headset. Also with power off, I can still make a call using voice dialing through the WEP200. I'll keep testing for a couple of days. If there are no problems, then I'll leave the HTC S-710 at home.

At the moment, I'm a very happy camper.

On the dark side, I've still not been able to connect the bluetooth GPS receiver to the 7501. One of the tech guys in our office, will work on it for me today.

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