Saturday, August 11, 2007

First Impressions HTC 7501, August 11, 2007


1. With case closed as much as possible

2. 7501 in Lowepro case with top open

3. Macally IP A481 in Lowepro D-Res 120 case

4. With Samsung Bluetooth Headset

5. With 7501 closed

6. 7501 with Macally IP A481


Unfortunately, the blogging software put my photos in reverse order at the top of the post rather than the bottom.

The patch solved the sleeping phone issue. The activating the WEP200 Bluetooth headset always wakes up the phone. There is still an issue that I had with the HTC Universal: When a notification comes in at the same time I am opening or switching programs, the device freezes, and I must do a soft reset (a new text message, email notification, or reminder). This doesn't happen too often, but often enough to be a pain. I am sure this is a Microsoft issue, not an HTC issue.

The WEP200 claims up to 200 hours of standby time. I've never run its battery down. However, keeping Bluetooth on with the 7501 is a big battery drain. So, when it is on, I plug in an auxiliary battery charger charger. I use the Macally IP A481. I can attach it to the phone very easily while sitting at a restaurant table, as I am now, or when walking around with both device and extra battery in the Lowepro case. For me it's not a problem. It should be noted, I am not a 'suit,' and the Lowepro case is rather large on the belt. So, the size factor doesn't bother me.

The battery of 7501 has never run down with auxiliary power attached. When I leave the external battery supply off and bluetooth on, the 7501's battery discharges rather quickly. I become alarmed when it gets down to about 35%.

With an HTC Advantage docking station, you can charge the device and an additional battery at the same time. For those who are concerned about space, this would be a good solution. But I don't like pulling flat batteries out of a device and replacing them with fully charge ones.

The phone is now really stable. I love it a lot. Later I will post several items that are now missing after I installed the the update patch to the trial software which came installed on the device.

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